Tintbit provides media design services including web-development and video and motion graphics production.
Motion Graphics

Tintbit produces motion graphics that are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. These can be short promotional/informative animation, fill-ins or title animations.
Check our showreel and the selected full-lenght videos here. For more videos you can visit our vimeo page.
Selected videos
Test Correct
Client: The Teach & Learn Company BV
ROBOTICS - bron van werkgelegenheid voor de glastuinbouw Client: WUR, TU Delft and TNO
Title animation for TV show Pileh

Title animation for the occasion of international year of astronomy. (astronomy2009.org)

SMART CITY - Bron van tuinbouwproducten
Client: WUR, TU Delft and TNO
Clients: WUR, TU Delft en TNO

Fill-in animation for Night Sky (Asemaneshab) TV Show

Creating a website by Tintbit includes the structural design, graphic design and programing. To have an idea about the possibilities, have a look at examples of webaites made by Tintbit:

Examples of websites:

based on Wordpress CMS.

based on Wordpress CMS.

based on Wordpress CMS.

based on Wordpress CMS.


Tintbit is based in Amsterdam. You can contact to us via: joubin.z@gmail.com